Life, Death, and Conservation of an Ocean Ecosystem

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Memories of Florida

Everglades 1990 B21 Long Pine Key
MECHANICSVILLE, Va.—My earliest memories of Florida are vague. I grew up in Louisiana, not terribly far from Florida on a global scale, but my home town of Shreveport in northwest Louisiana might as well been in a different universe from the Gulf Coast given the condition of the roads between the northern and southern parts of the state. Once [...]

Welcome to Last Call for Corals

Looe Key Reef (Mooring 11, 18 Aug. 2014) 0035
MECHANICSVILLE, Va.—Welcome to Last Call for Corals: Life, Death, and Conservation of an Ocean Ecosystem. This blog, like another blog I recently created, Wanderers and Wonderers: Rambling through the Realm of the Exploration and Environmental Narrative, serves as an adjunct to my dissertation research in the Media, Art, and Text program at V [...]